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Aleh's on the bus. [entries|friends|calendar]
You are titanium..

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[23 Aug 2004|01:50pm]

i feel i should post here..
hail borat!

[17 Aug 2004|12:37am]
Hello! Wow, I feel very privalidged indeed to be able to actually read the journal of the Ronnehs! You're such an amazing band...you beat the crap out of any of those amateur bands you perform with! Please tell me I can have your autographs?? I'm still in shock...I cannot believe I am actually in a community with my favourite band!! I wait in anticipation to see you perform! Infact, I'm always there..always. In every corner--looking out on every window! I need you to make merchandise! At the moment I'm making my own merchandice to show my utter appreciation to your talent! *Hyperventolates* Wow! I'm amazed! Though there's one thing you must know..I can find it a little hard to back off sometimes. Once I'm obsessed with something, nothing can stop me. Soon you'll be having to look behind you to check I'm not around- check the sidestreets to make sure I'm not following you. I might one day become so fond of your band that I will shoot you all as a work of art and appreciation..
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[21 Jul 2004|08:28pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

After a highly successful gig on Monday, a new gig has been planned for this weekend. Yes, The Ronnehs will be playing at The Castle in Oldham on the 24th July! Support includes; Kasabian, The Tides, Mad Action, and The Headless Horseman.

Also watch out for a special signing held at Oldham railway station after the show!

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[20 Jul 2004|04:59pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

It's the beginning of an era, an exciting new change for all of us.

With support from KeaneAndIglooTamagotchiOrange and TCTC, The Ronnehs had doubts as to their fans sticking around, although a few swift drinks soon sorted that out. Their first Manchester gig, an immediate sell out, couldn't have gone any better. Fans gathered around the venue in hope of getting a glimpse at the band over an hour before they were due to begin. Worried about obsessive fans, the band found comfort in a skankeh afe close-by. Dutch courage from a few soggy chips, and they proceeded to the venue, to receive the most loving response from the crowd. "It'll be okay" Deh said, reassuring a panicked fan who had ticket troubles. Obsessive fans wore identical clothing and mocked the band's movements, hoping to live the dream. From the hyper expressions and cheers that were easily evidential in the crowd, we know this band are quite something. Something original, something new, something almost spooky it's so clever. The wacky dancing and singing is enough to rant about, but their music is phenomenal - they make it look too easy. We'll be hearing more from this superb band, believe me.

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